Tried and Testing Tips to Write an Interesting Short Story

​​​​​​​I have something controversial to say: short stories are better than novels. No wait, hear me out. I’m not saying that anyone can write a good novel, but it’s also true that a novel gives you more space to develop your story.
On the other hand, with a short story, you have to find the balance between writing a good story with depth while keeping it brief. Short stories are also fun to read. They are less lengthy than novels, so you need less time with them. But at the same time, they also have a faster pace and usually a more unpredictable ending. All you have to do is approach a professional essay writing service and ask them can you write my paper for me? they will get back to you in time and provide you an amazing paper.

Usually, when people hear about short stories, they imagine works of literary fiction such as Guy de Maupassant’s Necklace. But short stories can also be genre fiction, like Edgar Allen Poe’s work of horror The Tell-Tale Heart or Isaac Asimov’s science fiction The Last Question. No matter what your taste in fiction is, you are sure to find something to your liking in the genre of short stories.
As I’ve said before, writing short stories can be trickier than writing novels. While you have to spend less time and effort, you also have to work within a tighter confine while trying not to lose any interesting part of the story.
I have a simple rule when it comes to writing stories: I won’t write them but even if I would, I can’t write them like a professional so I usually buy dissertation online. This is a mistake many make. In trying to work within the limits imposed by the genre of short stories, they end up discarding many of the key elements which make stories worth reading. So, they end up writing pieces that resemble essays more than actual stories.
So here are some tried and tested tips on how you too can write an interesting short story that is worth reading.
Learn what characterizes a short story
I’ve mentioned above how a short story differs from both a novel and an essay. These are important details to keep in mind. While a short story differs in length from a novel, it still shares the key elements of storytelling. This means that your short story must include both progression and climax. At the same time, since the length is so much smaller, you also need to cut down on many of the details. The key is losing the details while still keeping all the interesting parts of the story.
When it comes to an essay, the situation is the opposite. Short stories and essays have a comparable length. But an essay is not fiction, nor does it have a progression of events or climax. An essay can be written to inform, argue, compare and contrast, etc. But not to tell a story. Sometimes it can be difficult to write a paper and, in such cases, you can always hire a paper writing service to assist you in your task. It would save you from a lot of hassles and you can get a perfect paper written by a professional essay writer.
Use the reader’s imagination
Since short stories have a smaller length than novels, they must include fewer details. Here is one of the main things that set a good story writer apart from a bad one. A good writer is able to leave parts of the story, usually the backstory but also sometimes the ending, up to the imagination of the reader. This allows the short story to keep its small length, while also making it exciting and stimulating for the reader.
This is also another point in which a short story differs from an essay. An essay can’t leave anything to the imagination. Therefore, just because you’re a good essay writer is no guarantee that you can also write good short stories. Hence, it must include every relevant detail.
Limit the number of characters
Another consequence of the small length that a short story requires is that the writer must use a small number of characters. A novel has the length to make the reader familiar with a large cast of characters, while the format of a play also allows different characters to be introduced.
But in the short story, the reader will have a hard time being invested in the story if they’re not invested in the characters. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to limit your number of characters to maximize the exposure of the reader to each character. 
Remember! A good short story would introduce the reader to different sides of a character. 
This can be done explicitly by putting the details in writing, or even implicitly by merely hinting at those details. Remember what I said about using the readers’ imagination!
Writing a short story does take some level of skill and creativity. It is trickier than writing a novel, but also more so than writing an essay. At least with an essay, students often take the help of a professional essay writing service to prepare outlines for their writing. But with a story, you have to write it with your own creativity.
Filling in the details of an outline prepared by someone else makes the story lose its worth. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get help. You can still contact professional writers for tips as well as constructive critiques.
At the end of the day, there is no need to be daunted by the task. The key element of a story is creativity, so above all remember to have fun. Write the story using your own emotions and experiences. When you write a story from your own heart, readers are able to enjoy it more and appreciate your creativity better.
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